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          Randy Bragg--Randy Bragg is our main character. After The Day, Randy leads a small regiment of troops whose job is to protect the community of River Road and Fort Repose. Throughout the book Randy becomes a greater leader and a different person who learns to survive in a new world.


Alas Babylon - Image

Missouri Henry--Randy and the McGovern’s maid.

Malachai Henry--Missouri’ brother who is also head mechanic on the model A. As a member of Bragg’s troop he is killed in a shootout with the highwaymen.

Two-Tone--Missouri’s husband whom hates work but invents corn whiskey which is used for medical reasons and for regular alchohol.

Lib McGovern--Randy’s wife who cooks for the household as well as supports Randy with everything he does in the book

Bill McGovern--Lib’s father who is Malachai’s assistant on the Model A as well as a member of Bragg’s troop.

Mark Bragg--Randy’s brother who informs Randy of the impending attack on the United States with the infamous term “Alas, Babylon.”

Helen Bragg--Mark’s wife, who helps to support the household on River Road. At the end of the book she falls in love with Dan Gunn.

Dan Gunn--The town doctor who is beaten mercilessly by the highwaymen, saves lives throughout the book and falls in love with Helen Bragg at the end of the book.

Sam Hazzard--Former admiral in the military whose radio is River Road’s link to the outside world until the battery runs out.

Ben Franklin Bragg--Mark’s son who helps Randy with manly duties around the area and kills the dog who had been eating the Henry’s chickens. Ben also discovers that armadillos are a new source of food.

Peyton Bragg-Helen’s young daughter who is temporarily blinded by the flash from the explosion. Her mischevious explorations give the family such resources as fish, razors and lamps.